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Rock n Roll grit meets funk groove chic wearing bell bottoms and a serious attitude. That sums up Jen Leigh; nicknamed 'dirty jenny' for her ferocious leads, intense live energy, wah wah prowess, and edgy, dirty guitar tone.


Jen's professional resume touring & recording for other artists is as impressive as it is diverse. From Michael Jackson, to Grateful Dead/Garcia alum, Merl Saunders, to the acapella Grammy winning Sweet Honey In The Rock, to funk legend George Clinton and P-Funk affiliated bands, 420 Funk Mob & DRUGS, to folk/rock powerhouse Toshi Reagon, and hip-hop/R&B diva Kelis, Jen has showcased her skills with so many great artists, both big and small. And that's just a partial list. She has graced the stages of Carnegie Hall and Saturday Night Live, to the Staples Center and most small clubs in between.


Her former band, BIG SISTER, was signed to Capricorn/Universal Records and released their major label debut, "So Hi How Are You", in July of 2000, garnering a 3 1/2 star review in Rolling Stone magazine.


Born & raised in Hartford, CT - Jen grew up on the mean streets of Los Angeles, CA, upstate NY & Austin, TX. Her aptly named funk/rock jam band, "The Dirty Bunch", focuses on original vocal material and high energy live shows. You can also catch Jen playing shows with other artists, both on bass and guitar. In August 2015, Jen's original song, "Liquid Austin Soul" won South Austin Brewery's Official Song Contest after Jen seeing it advertised on one of their beer cans. Their slogan/motto was so inspiring that she wrote the song an hour later. It is now a staple & fan favorite at her live shows. 

Jen has released two solo EP's, "American Bulldog" in 2011, & "rock n roll soul" in 2014. In August 2016, Jen had the pleasure of working with legendary producer/engineer Ed Cherney, recording the musical soundtrack for "A Taste Of Things To Come", a 50s & 60s inspired all-women play which continues to tour around the US, most recently Off Broadway in NYC, with a Chicago run forthcoming in 2018.

In October 2017, Jen won 1st place in the "Texas Shred Off " Guitar Competition in Austin, TX, wowing the crowd & judges through four intense stages of battle. 2019 brought on yet another new musical challenge for Jen. She was the sole guitarist for the Santa Barbara, CA production of "Head Over Heels", the former Broadway musical based solely on Go Go's songs.

Whether on stage or in the studio, Jen's talent and passion always rise to the occasion.


FUN FACTS ; Jen has been featured in GUITAR WORLD's "TOP 10 FEMALE GUITARISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW' list, Rolling Stone, Guitar ONE, Guitar Player, Guitar For The Practicing Musician, Europe's CLASSIC ROCK Italia, & Austin's ROCKSTAR magazines, as well as in the book 'UNCOMMON SOUND', devoted to lefty players. 

Jen is the sole female guitarist to have ever recorded on a Michael Jackson studio album, having played on the song, "Stranger In Moscow", from the 1995 SONY release, HIStory Book I.


Jen is actually right handed but plays guitar and bass left handed strung either way. She often writes and records on right handed instruments. Her main guitars are custom built Mustangs, which she favors due to their 24" scale necks, smaller bodies, and raw tones. Jen is also an extremely well respected instructor, having taught privately at The National Guitar Workshop, Austin's GIRL GUITAR, & Santa Barbara's Girls Rock Academy, to name a few.


As a composer, Jen scored the music for multiple short films and videos by SAP & Ponceman aka 'The Perry Brothers'. Their iconic shorts have been adored by millions of fans worldwide. She also co-scored the 2 season web series 'MEDALLION MONDAYS', for Medallion Media/Press and the hilarious short film, "Vendetta." In 2019, Jen composed the piano driven theme song for an upcoming comedic series, due to air in 2020...stay tuned for more.


Eric Curtis' stunning book, "FALLEN SUPERHEROES", features Jen in a chapter of wild, futuristic photos as the character 'Spiral Girl.' She is seen alongside her beloved American Bulldog, Spiral.


INFLUENCES; Jimi Hendrix, The Meters, George Clinton & P-Funk, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Wendy & Lisa.


SOLO EP's ; rock n roll soul 2014 (independent)

AMERICAN BULLDOG 2011 (Medallion Media/Music)

Jen Leigh proudly plays and endorses; 3RD POWER AMPLIFICATION, D' ADDARIO STRINGS, & RMC/Real McCoy Custom WAH PEDALS.


STUDIO CREDITS INCLUDE ; Ed Cherney, A Taste Of Things To Come/BMG-musical soundtrack 2016, Michael Jackon (HIStory BOOK I), Sweet Honey in The Rock LIVE, Vicki Randle (Sleep City), Big Sister (so hi how are you/Capricorn), Kelly Chapman (Great Is Your Grace), Cindy Blackman Santana, Chuck Rainey, Allee Willis, & more


Michael Jackson
George Clinton/P-Funk
420 Funk Mob / DRUGS
Kelis/SNL & tours
Toshi Reagon & Big Lovely
Sweet Honey In The Rock
Merl Saunders
Ed Cherney
Peter Himmelman/Furious World
Vicki Randle
Patrice Pike
Big Sister
Deep Banana Blackout
Trulio Disgracias
& many more






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