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i have a few funky nicknames: dirty jenny, zen jen, & jendrix >

they all describe my vibe & flow whether i'm rocking out on stage or

making magic in the studio. my eclectic professional resume as a guitarist includes: michael jackson, guitar 1/MJ The Musical US Tour, kelis, george clinton/p-funk/420 funk mob/drugs, merl saunders, toshi reagon, sweet honey in the rock, big sister, ed cherney, vicki randle, peter himmelman, patrice pike & many more. 

visit my icons to the right to purchase/listen to music, connect on

Instagram, or click the icons below to purchase my Landr Chromatic

'Funk Rock Explosion' guitar loops for endless DAW fun,  

              + discography & session work reviews to hire me securely 

                              via sound better. peace~


"If Jimi Hendrix were reborn as a funky, bulldog-loving blonde woman, he'd come back in the form of dirty jenny."


© 2024 jen leigh

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